Importing Tracks from Nas drive to mapped folders

Hi Support

I have a nas drive full of tunes. Is there a way I can import from the Nas and copy the files on to my mac into a folder structure based on genre?

For example I may have a load of Tech House tunes on a share on the Nas that I want to copy to /user/music/tech House/ on my mac?

Or is it possible to point Lexicon to look at my nas drive and any MP3 or Wav file that’s not on my mac import based on rules such as the criteria of Bit rate must be a minimum of 320kbps?



Yep, you can let Lexicon move and organize your files, see
More details in the manual, see video description

Would you recommend installing another cooy on another laptop first to tidy up the the network files first?

If that is the laptop you want your files on, then yeah I would install Lexicon there and add your tracks to Lexicon directly from the NAS. Then let Lexicon move the files

No i have a main laptip that i have just sorted all my tunes on however i have noticed a large number of favourite tracks are still on my nas and old mac.

Then move the old mac tracks to the new laptop in a temporary folder. Add that folder to Lexicon. Add the NAS folder to Lexicon too (assuming it’s a network drive and Lexicon has permission to move tracks). Then follow the guide to let Lexicon move the tracks