Importing Virtual DJ Tracks Clears their User Tags

Virtual DJ has a User1 and User2 fields that allows you to add multiple tags to a song and filter by the tags. I just imported a playlist to lexicon after tagging in Virtual DJ but when I synced it back to Virtual DJ, the tags were gone.

Is this the expected behavior?

It should get imported to Extra and Extra2. When syncing, it should go back to user1 and user2

That was my expectation too but the Extra and Extra2 fields are empty after import

Just tested it here but they get imported normally.

Do you have screenshots of VDJ and LXC showing the fields?

Yes. Here you go:

I also tried using a single value as the tag but does not work as well

Not sure why it doesn’t import them… Can you send me your VDJ database file? You can find where it is here: Backups and how to restore them
I just need the VirtualDJ/database.xml file, from the drive that has the track on it.

You can upload with this link:

I just uploaded.

Also works here…

Can you try another full import? Do you have the Specific Fields option on maybe?

Interesting. Thanks for taking the time to test. I did a full import and still no luck. Here’s my specific fields option and it does not show User fields.

Try an import with Merge disabled (deletes your Lexicon library before import). Might be that user1 is not imported with merge enabled :thinking:


That’s the issue. Merge option ticked does not import the user tags. When I disabled it, Lexicon imported the tags. Is this a bug or the expected bahavior? I’ll find a workflow that does not force me to overwrite my Lexicon db cause it’s my single source of truth.

I think that is an oversight. I’ll look into it :+1:

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I appreciate you!