Improvements to Related Tracks/Track Suggestions Feature

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I have seen the way the suggested tracks feature works and have tried to use it during a live set.
The improvement i would like to see will be the ability of lexicon to track what is being played through the master channel of the dj software and use that in making suggestions instead of the user having to always type it in anytime the songs change.
And then an added feature will be Lexicon displaying the suggested songs as a notification on the right corner of the screen just like you have when using a mac etc etc.

How will this feature help you and others?
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It will improve the workflow of dj’s dramatically

Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product?
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rekordbox has this feature but its built into the software so you have the suggested songs appearing on the right hand tab/section

Does a workaround currently exist?
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not that i am aware of

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Thanks for the suggestion. I don’t think this is a Lexicon thing but there is an app called NowPlaying that I think Lexicon could do cool things together with!

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Thanks @Christiaan for mentioning my app! <3

Hi @Zigla, I’m the dev for Now Playing. My app connects to DJ software but it’s designed mainly for live streamers so it’s not exactly what your feature request is.

I can’t promise anything but I’ll chat with @Christiaan offline and come up with some ideas :slight_smile:

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AWESOME :smiley:, This combination/feature would be really great if it comes to life in lexicon.
If the DJ software companies wont listen to us, then i guess we will take matters into our hands…Lol
Thanks for considering my suggestion … Much appreciated

Just FYI, the suggested song overlay is not in scope of Lexicon at the moment and I don’t think so for @TriodeOfficial either (but I don’t know all his plans).

Of course anyone could make a tiny program with a suggested song overlay that gets information from the Lexicon API. Happy to assist if someone wants to build that! :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for clarifying.

Its a bit unfortunate that i dont know how to create an App or a program( i dont even know how to write a line of code… lol).
Otherwise this and many other ideas i have will be my personal project and support to lexicon.

if you know someone who is willing to write small programs kindly give me a heads up so i can contact them and get their help. some of these features are needed badly… lol

I agree that it would be a very cool extension! I wish I had time to make it myself because it sounds super useful and like a fun hobby project.

You could post an idea in the #advanced:developers subforum. Maybe someone will answer the call :slight_smile: Best to make it really clear what the idea is and maybe clarify with pictures (photoshop something on top of a DJ app perhaps?).

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