"Incoming tracks" List filter Duplicates already in Library

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Would be great to have some sort of duplicate scanning or filtering in the “Incoming” list. So just comparing the Incoming list with the rest of the library with the same mechanism running in the duplicate scanner.
Let’s say I import a bunch of tracks and I already might have some of them already in my library, but maybe with slightly different tags.
Currently the tracks would be imported as duplicates and I would have to filter them out again with the duplicate scanner.

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As described above, one would not have to manually check for duplicate tracks when importing though the incoming list which speeds up the workflow. Also it would reduce the need to check for duplicates after every import.

Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product?
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Don’t know of any software doing that. That’s why I’m using lexicon. There is not much of a competition :wink:

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Excessively scanning for duplicates after every import. Problem is, duplicates I want to keep are displayed too every time I run the process. So the list is long and it takes some time to find the real duplicates I want to remove.
Also an “ignore duplicate pair forever” would really be helpful, but that’s another story, then.

I have plans for permanently ignoring duplicates so I think that would solve this problem too. It will be in the beta soon