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I have 192 new tracks in the watch folder with lexicon closed. I open Lexicon, navigate to Incoming tracks and after a brief pause, see Lexicon recognise 187 tracks as Incoming. Not sure why it didn’t detect 5 tracks that are all dated today? Dragging the 192 tracks into Lexicon 's watch folder works fine.

I think it’s duplicates… Looks like Lexicon doesn’t import duplicate files, although in some cases the tags were different, the tracks were the same, so probs not a bug?

If those 5 already existed in LXC then it won’t import them again. It won’t put them on the incoming page either, since they aren’t new.

If the file location is the same but it has different tags, it will still be a duplicate. File location must be unique for each track.
So I don’t think this is a bug.

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