Incompatile with RekordBox 6 Cloud Sync

I see this was mention separately in the other RB6 post but wanted to call it out here.

I’m a new user of Lexicon and just testing it at this stage and like it so far. My problem is I currently use RB6 Cloud sync to sync my library between 2 pcs and a mobile and it works well but it looks like syncing from Lexicon does not work with tracks that are cloud synced.

What occurs is you get 2 listings on the same track in RB, in my test case, one has no cue points and the other has the cue points from Lexion in the preview but when I open either track I get one without any cue points.

So that gives me 2 problems, one, I have duplicates listed, two, the sync from Lexicon was pointless as the cues are not available even though they seem to be in the review of the waveform.

As a control, I tried adding cues in lexicon to a track not cloud synced, sync to RB and it worked fine so this only happens with cloud synced tracks.

Additionally, I tried cloud syncing the duplicate with cues in the preview and no improvement occured.

This is basically a game stopper for me think. The cloud sync across my desktop, laptop and mobile for RB would not be easy to replicate and if Lexicon cannot function with cloud synced tracks, I don’t think I can use it for much.

Hopefully there is an easy solution.

I have not yet had time to make it fully work with cloud sync, that is a whole big thing I have to research how it works.

I’ll try and figure that out sometime soon, next month hopefully.

Next update will have support for Cloud Synced libraries and should not create duplicates anymore :slight_smile: