Incomplete Import EngineDJ

A few days ago I noticed that my Library was missing a lot of files in engine, I have been using lexicon for it’s smart tools which are actually very very good, however, I noticed that a lot of tracks were missing in engine, so I rebuilt my library in engine by manually re-importing all my files in to engine, I backed up my database in engine and closed it. I then did a full re-import in to lexicon and again it only showed the same few files in some folders that it had done previously, (5 out of 2000) I’m now finding the same in other playlists now I’ve started looking

Just realised something, the playlist it’s showing (melodic house) has a sub laylist, the tracks in the sub playlist are the tracks showing in the main playlist in lexicon, it’s like it’s only reading whats in the sub playlist,

Can confirm, it’s the dub playlists thats throwing it, I’ve removed that in engine as it was only 5 tracks anyway, and now it is importing the full melodic house playlist

The playlist folder works a little different in Lexicon and Engine.
In Engine, you can add tracks directly into a playlist folder. That’s not allowed in Lexicon, in Lexicon it automatically gathers all tracks from all sub-playlists. So in this case, only the Melodic House tracks.
The rest of the tracks that were added direclty into that Engine playlist folder (without sub-playlist), didn’t get imported in any Lexicon playlist.

Hope that makes sense!

Reason for all that being: better organization :slight_smile: Tracks inside playlist folders is a bad idea and is a recipe for future chaos.

I have another problem with engine to Lexicon. I find myself in playlists the exact number of tracks but with some songs replaced with others that are not part of that playlist

@naf82_59468 Did you import into Lexicon or sync from Lexicon to Engine?
Can you clarify with screenshots or video?

I imported from engine but the playlists on Lexicon are varied

This playlist, for example, Lexicon has combined almost all the songs
I am very baffled by this issue

Yeah it looks like a totally different playlist?

What does your playlist structure look like? Does this playlist have sub-playlists?

Yes, I have main playlists with other sub-playlists. I repeat that it does not completely change all the playlists but to certain only 2 songs .the thing I notice for all playlists is that the number of tracks is equal but the total duration of the tracks is different

I’d have to check your Engine database and see what happens here. Are your tracks on your internal drive or a USB or external drive?

It takes tracks from both an external HD and an internal HD

But that’s not the problem because in playlists taken from internal HD some are correct and others totally changed

Okay, can you upload your internal Engine database? It’s this file: Music/Engine Library/Database2/m.db

You can upload with this link:

And let me know what playlist name you are seeing that problem on so I know where to look


example. in the sub-playlists stacchi-aperitivi or Dance Latin there are no tracks

Thanks. I’m going to check it tomorrow and give you an update :+1:

I have not had any news for this malfunction of this paid program that in addition to not having done its job has damaged my playlists

Sorry haven’t had time yet, I will do it soon

At least the refund would be fair