Incompleted sync/export

I’ve created cutsom playlist in Lexicon.
I tried to sync them but it only synced a few tracks ( roughly 46 on more than a 1k songs)
How to fix this issue ?

Is your external drive connected during sync? Serato (and Lexicon when syncing) saves each crate on the external drive that has music on it.

Make sure it is connected and if that doesn’t work, please try a computer restart as that can fix intermittent issues.

Hi, Christiaan
My Engine Library is on the hard drive of my PC, so no external hard drive.
Here’s the playlist in Engine after syncing . As you can see one of the playlist is even completely empty …


Are those tracks on your internal drive or external?


Can you upload your Lexicon database & logs? From the Help menu. Maybe I can see why they are getting skipped.