Inconsistencies with Grouping tag when syncing playlists to iTunes (Music)

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Lexicon version: 1.1.5
Operating system: Mac

Bug description
When syncing a playlist to iTunes, the Grouping tags that I have created in Lexicon are inconsistently imported to iTunes (Music app in my case). I wrote all my tags to my files prior to syncing. Some of my grouping tags import to iTunes, some are blank, and some show up with other text that I didn’t add in Lexicon.

I have some development experience, so I did some experimenting and I think I found a simple solution. First of all iTunes seems to be weird with its implementation of the Grouping tag, so it’s not always reading the tag from my files correctly. But, I noticed in the iTunes Library XML file that Lexicon generates, there is no Grouping key. When I edited the XML and added a Grouping key for one of my files that incorrectly imported to iTunes with a blank Grouping tag, and then re-imported the XML, the Grouping tag was imported successfully. So, I think if you could add the Grouping key to the XML, this bug would be fixed.

Thank you!

Thank you. I will look into this!

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