Incorrect BPM analyzing techno 4-4 track after import from Engine DJ 3.1.0

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Lexicon version: 1.4.0
Operating system (remove one): Windows 10

Bug description: Analyzing a track produces a BPM about 45 BPM off. The track, “Crazy Wild Remix”, a 4-4 techno track by Trakhead Steve, is showing a BPM of 90.23. It’s most definitely not a 90bpm track. It’s Chicago jack techno. Re-analyzing it in Engine DJ shows what sounds and looks and seems like the correct BPM: 135.35

Step by step to reproduce: Analyze the track


I don’t know if it’s a copyright violation to send you the track, but I do know you aren’t going to be able to buy it or find it online. It’s ripped from vinyl I have from back in like 2000. I’m not sure how to get you to reproduce this though without said track. Maybe via private message I can send you a link so it’s not public to the board?

Image showing my settings when analyzing the track:

I can’t really change the BPM analyzer at the moment because it’s quite complex. I have plans (further along) for big changes there but can’t really do it short term. Changing the BPM analyzer to work better for one track often means it is worse for another, a really good analyzer is just out of my personal expertise. Once I find someone with that expertise, there will be big updates for it though.

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I get that. And I get it’s complex as hell especially with the infinite genres and tracks with all manner of drops, breaks, tempo changes, etc. I do have other tracks that won’t go above 90ish or so on the analysis: those though tend to be hardcore techno, usually around 200 or so BPM. I’m wondering if in the latter case, the issue is there’s a lot of noise (it’s hardcore) and hard to find a downbeat at times. In the original posting case, I wonder if it’s perhaps due to the volume of the track? The track itself was mastered a bit weird: the bass is SUPER heavy. It’s the only track I have to turn the bass knob 1/3 down to make it sound normal and I have to turn the gain on my mixer to I’d say about 80%. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it, or helps you in any way. But no worries, I get the complexity. Denon doesn’t even do it right. It may have gotten that one track right but it got a lot of others wrong that Lexicon got right.

If you have a bass boosted/overdrive track then yeah that can definitely influence the analysis. That sounds pretty extreme if you have to turn it down for it to sound normal.

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