Incorrect Keys using Rekordbox 6 (BETA) Sync

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Lexicon version: 1.1.15
Operating system: Mac

Bug description:

Using original keys will cause some of the keys to be missing in Rekordbox 6 using the Rekordbox 6 (BETA) sync option. I HAVE NOT TESTED THIS WITH DIFFERENT REKORDBOX KEY SETTINGS SINCE I USE CAMELOT.

Step by step to reproduce:

Sync your entire library to Rekordbox 6 using either original keys (leave as they were doesn’t work? maybe I’m doing something wrong) or Open Key. I noticed 200 songs with missing keys.


Convert the default key system (known as Traktor key) into Camelot key via Custom Keys. Select Custom Key when syncing to Rekordbox 6. Now every song with a missing key will have their proper key indicated within Rekordbox 6.


Sync with Original Key option

Open Key with Leading Zero option

Custom Key option (converting Traktor Key into Camelot)

Thank you! I will take a look a it.

I can confirm this as well. My work around was to convert to musical keys. This of course takes a lot longer to do a full sync with, but all keys show. The original keys option leaves alot of the keys empty.

@whatsgoodJeffG can you upload your Lexicon database? From the Help menu. That will help me find this more easily.


This will be fixed in the next update.



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