Introductions and Welcomes

I thought it would be nice to find out who we all are, where we are from (broadly) and anything else you want to share.

So I will start…

I am 45 from the UK (Nottingham), started DJing in venues aged 9 (Local Roller Disco) and only recently stopped venue DJing due to the pandemic. For the past 15 years or so I have been involved in Community Radio but have transitioned across to Mixcloud with Live streams each week.

So, lets see who all you beautiful people are

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31 Year old DJ from Perth in Western Australia that’s been DJing for about 14 years now, playing in the local underground music scene, some commercial clubs and more recently on Twitch.

Music-wise my primary focuses are Happy Hardcore, Gabber & Frenchcore but I also collect and play a bunch of others including Hard Trance, Hard Techno & Freeform.

Trying to manage and organise a collection that’s been growing for 14 years is what’s lead me to Lexicon :wink:


Great idea!

So I’m 35 at the moment, living in Enschede, a small town in The Netherlands (so no, I don’t live in Amsterdam :stuck_out_tongue: ). I started DJ as a volunteer in a local venue that had an alternative party every Saturday. DJs were of all skill levels there, lots of noobs but that was okay because at 23:00 we were open but we had literally 0 visitors at that hour.
From there I started a new dance party with a few friends focused on Drum & Bass and some other styles like Dubstep and that’s where I mostly played D&B. The party still exists and is waiting for the pandemic to end but I don’t play there anymore. I’m fully focused on Rekordcloud/Lexicon now.

My education was in computer science (some sysops before that) and ended with a robotics project so that’s where I learned my programming basics. Then I went on to work as a frontend developer (building web apps) for a few years. That got a bit boring so I started working on Rekordcloud as a side project 3 years ago. It didn’t take long before I realized that it was really something that the DJ world was missing so that’s when I went in full time.

Now I mostly work since there isn’t much else to do. I’ve had one party in the last 2 years since there was a very short pandemic break here where everything was allowed. So just hoping we can do some more fun things like a festival again this summer! Live is boring during a pandemic but at least we can get stuff done :slight_smile:

@StuR 9 years old?? Awesome :smiley:

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@Christiaan my mother was sick of me playing with record players in the house and she knew a guy who did the local Roller Disco, so she sent me along to learn, 2 weeks later the other DJ left me to do it on my own while he sat in the bar haha. I never stopped from that point on

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Hey, DJ / (ex) rave promoter from Ottawa, Canada. My era was around the year 2000. I was fairly active in the rave circuit, playing and travelling nearly every weekend for a number of years. I released a few records (DJ S4). I have played hundreds of live shows, 10-10,000 in the crowd. I have been inactive for a number of years, pursuing other musical endeavours, and dabbling in having a day job. Currently I am software development manager at a successful startup, and have recently re-discovered the DJ space using the modern tools / digital approach. It was pure vinyl where I come from… I actually owned Final Scratch v1. I was an early adopter :slight_smile:
Currently, after figuring out how the modern tools and problems are addressed, I plan to get into regular streams for fun… perhaps some gigging, we’ll see.