Is Lexicon able to rename files?

I haven’t found a way to rename my songs according to their tag. For example: ‘artist - title.mp3’ as well as some tag editing software like MP3-TAG or Media Monkey. If you don’t already have this feature, it would be great to include, because many people like me, we love to keep the filenames organized. Imagine how bad a song with the right Tag but the filename is, ‘track01.mp3’ for example!

You can, see this video: Move & rename your tracks automatically - YouTube
And guide: Guide: Moving and renaming files automatically | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

Thanks for the feedback.

But I found it a little confusing and complex for such a simple function. Many software like MP3-Tag and ID3-Tag-It make this simple. What I wanted to do was simply right-click on the music (or several at the same time) and choose an option like ‘tag for filename’ or something like that, then a window would open with options for me to choose as ‘%artist % - %title%’ for example.

Yep you’re right, this is a bit more complex because it is really intended to move your files in a good structure. Only renaming files in place is something that I will add in the future, in a simple way.

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This feature would be most welcome. It would avoid having to use third-party software for this function and the risk of Lexicon losing the references in its database.