Is there a way to write tags into the comments section?

Would like to be able to write all my tags into the comments section of a track as a backup

Yes, right click tracks → Use → Write tags to file. Set up a field mapping to send tags to the Comment field

Hi Christiaan,

Still having issues mate. Ill attach a video of what im doing.

I can’t see that video.

Did you see this youtube tutorial? Use Field Mappings to send your Energy, Popularity & more to your DJ app. And ⭐️ ratings for Serato! - YouTube

yep watched the video, all pretty straightforward.

that video is a gdrive link were you unable to open it?

Ill do a screeenshot chain instead.

Is it possible to map multiple tags to overwrite a field?

How does Lexicon manage this? Hierarchy?

Check the track in a real ID3 program (kid3 for example). Windows ID3 tags are very poorly implemented, comments don’t work properly

@mufasa It will combine them into the same field.

Amazing thank you thats working :slight_smile: