Issues with Export from Engine after Syncing

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Lexicon version: … Latest
Operating system (remove one): Mac

Bug description:
I export from Lexicon to Engine and everything syncs fine. When I export from Engine to a thumb drive. And, that thumb drive has a database from a previous Engine export on it, then all of the tracks are written twice. It behaves like the new database of Engine doesnt recognize that songs from Engine are already on the thumbdrive.

Step by step to reproduce:

Export a folder/crate from Engine to a thumb drive. Then, Update the Engine database from Lexicon. Then, export the same folder/crate to the same thumb drive and the amount of data on the thumb drive will double, instead of update.

If I format the Thumb drive and then sync. Everything syncs fine.

I can’t re-create this in engine if I add tracks without Lexicon, so it happens after syncing from Lexicon to Engine.


If you want to create an Engine USB, you can do that directly from Lexicon with the Target Drive option.

When sending tracks to a USB from both Engine and Lexicon, it won’t know which track was originally which track so that’s why duplicates happen

Sorry. Maybe i didnt articulate this properly.

I am only using engine to send tracks to usb. In a recent update, something in lexicon created this issue. The engine usb does not recognize that there is already an engine database on it. All using engine to send to usb. I ruled out engine being the issue by adding tracks to a usb without a lexicon sync. Something is changing in the engine database after a lexicon sync that causes this.


Can you give me a screenshot of what the problem in Engine or the Prime is?


I can screenshot it but I am not sure if it will help. I think it would be best to record a video. The screenshots will just show a Tumbdrive with room left after a sync and then no room when I sync after using lexicon. Its from Engine Desktop.

Do I need to try to better explain it first? Would that help? Creating these videos takes time that I don’t have.

Video would be even better so I can fully understand the situation. Too many nuancees that I would miss otherwise…

Okay, I will make one.

@Christiaan here are two videos detailing the sync issue part 1 and 2 Lexicon Issue – Google Drive

Thanks for those videos, I think that makes it clear. Not sure what changed recently, I will have to dig into that.
It does seem that Engine is forgetting what tracks it had exported to the USB, that would explain why it wants to export them again.

I’ll look into it soon and see if I can reproduce and fix it.

One question, did you do a full sync to Engine or playlist/modified sync?


Im doing a playlist sync from lexicon to engine.

This should be fixed in tomorrows update, please let me know if you notice any issues :+1:

Much appreciated Christiaan