Issues with Serato Cue Points Still Being Deleted

Lexicon version: 1.1.24
Operating system Mac
Bug description:
Cue Points are not loading into Lexicon after iTunes Library was imported; Also if Cue Points are manually added to a track again in Lexicon the Cue Points are erased after using Incoming to Move and Rename the track

Is there something I’m doing wrong?

Cue points aren’t imported from iTunes, since iTunes does not know what cue points are.

I need more info to really understand the problem. Can you add a few screenshot or make a video?

I was able to look through other posts and find the mistake. Even though I imported Itunes library, I needed to import my Serato Library as well to pull the Cue Points for the music in my iTunes Library.

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what s the answer please. I lost my Serato cue points when importing from Serato into lexicon

@djneedlestix Do you see your cue points in Lexicon? If they are in Lexicon, you can get them to Serato too

@Christiaan I have this same problem my whole library was cued before in Serato but when imported to lexicon some of the tracks have cues some don’t, I was wondering why the first time I synced my library back to Serato songs I knew I had cued in Serato wouldn’t have cues then I realized that when importing to the tracks to lexicon if lexicon doesn’t see the cues obviously when I sync back to Serato it will wipe that cue out as if it was never there so at this point I am waiting for my subscription to expire since I am back to doing all my sorting in Serato that way I don’t show up to a party load a track only to see no cues.

Yeah that is a problem when syncing to Serato. If Lexicon sends no cues to a Serato track but it already had cues, it will automatically keep the existing ones to prevent that scenario.