Itunes Synchronisation Questions

Hello Christiaan,
I have a few questions about iTunes synchronization:

I did the initial synchronization.
If I now export again with the XML file, all playlists appear twice - is that how it should be?
That means with a new import I have to delete all old playlists every time - a bit cumbersome
Smartlists are converted into normal playlists - iTunes supports smartlists - why aren’t the LXC smartlists retained?
Or am I doing something wrong here?

iTunes smart playlists aren’t supported yet. They are quite complicated to figure out so didn’t have time for that yet.

Syncing to iTunes is cumbersome, there is no easy way to interface with iTunes. Normally you delete your entire iTunes library, as per instructions, and then import the library XML. Since there is no waveform/dj data, that is no problem. But still, not easy.

Ok thanks for answer