iTunes XML / Reload Tags - Grouping Tag is not being filled


I’m having quite a hard time getting the Grouping tags to import from my iTunes XML OR from simply reloading tags from the file itself.
I use the grouping tag to populate my subgenres, so I can’t tag my files in Lexicon until this can be solved.

The Grouping tag is filled when I check using, mp3tag.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi, it would appear that Lexicon is importing the ID3 tag known as PUBLISHER to the Grouping tag.

Is there any particular reason why this would be the case?
I’ve literally spent the best part of two weeks re-tagging all the subgenres that I previously used to put into the Genre tag on iTunes, into the Grouping section as that’s one of only four text fields that Lexicon has in common with iTunes.

What makes this even more confusing is that Lexicon already has a category called LABEL, which has been populated from my iTunes XML, so I now have two fields with identical information.

Lexicon should read the Grouping tag from the iTunes XML, I don’t know of any problems with that.

The PUBLISHER ID3 tag goes into Label in Lexicon.

You might be interested in Field Mappings. You can send any unsupported text field from Lexicon into a field in iTunes. For example, Extra1 → Comment

Hey Christiaan,

So interestingly, if I delete all tracks from Lexicon and then reimport the iTunes XML from scratch, the grouping tags are populated correctly.

However, when I reload tags from the file, it populates the Publisher field and overwrites what I just imported from the XML file.

If I then try to get those grouping tags back, by re-importing just the Grouping from that same XML file, it ignores the request and leaves the Publisher fields, which imported after reloading tags.

That seems like a bug of some kind to me. I’d be happy to record my screen and send you the file via a dropbox link, if that would help?



Sadly using Field Mapping isn’t an option for me as I use the comment field for other tune categorisation text, such as the vibe (is the tune mellow, chill, upbeat, uplifting, happy etc) or for other info such as contains 808s, 909 claps, tom hits, piano/organ solo, synth stabs etc.
I then use the Composer field for locations or scenes that those tracks are associated with, such as Bookashade ‘In Rooms’ is in my fabric London folder, because back in the day they used to do sound check with it.
I have a whole heap of Lexicon Tag category tables already created, I just need to add another 2,000 subgenres to the Grouping field and then I’m set.

In the future, it would be pretty cool if there were more options for iTunes XML field mapping exports, as there are many other fields in iTunes that we can store text info, such as ‘album artist’ or the SORT fields.
Adding to this, if we could actually choose where an XML imports certain fields to within Lexicon that just saves A LOT of time faffing about relabelling tracks.

I used to put all of this info in the Genre section, separated by commas, but had to spend the best part of a month moving this info to other fields and I’m getting a lot closer now to where I’m in a position to start really taking advantage of Lexicon.
15 years of using iTunes has led to a lot of habits!

I’ve actually got several more fields lined up for the field mappings to iTunes, so that will help.

As for the publisher field, I will check that. But what is the filetype are you using, mp3 or something else? That matters a lot here.

I have a mixture of AIFF and mp3. I’d say my collection is about 85% AIFF (5,000+) and the rest mp3. Potentially a few m4a files, but barely any.

I can’t really reproduce it yet, this is what I get after reloading tags:


So as expected.
Keep in mind the Publisher field is the same as Label (some apps use Publisher, some use Label).

Can you make that video?