Large Engine DJ (4.0) Library Does Not Handle Dedupes Properly

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Lexicon version: 1.6.16
Operating system (remove one): Windows

Bug description:

  1. Playlists Resorted: When performing a “Full Sync” with my current Engine DJ library, playlists are automatically resorted.

  2. Tracks Missing: Tracks go missing from playlists after syncing.

  3. Find Duplicates Issues: The “Find Duplicates” option is problematic, especially with a large library (over 32K duplicates), as it fails to replace non-archived tracks correctly in playlists.

  4. Archived Tracks Not Replaced: After archiving tracks, the non-archived tracks do not replace the archived ones in playlists, leading to gaps.

Step by step to reproduce:

Playlists Resorted:

  1. Open Lexicon DJ.
  2. Perform a “Full Sync” with an existing Engine DJ library containing multiple playlists.
  3. Observe that the playlists are automatically resorted.

Tracks Missing:

  1. Open Lexicon DJ.
  2. Perform a “Full Sync” with an existing Engine DJ library.
  3. Check the playlists and note that some tracks are missing.

Find Duplicates Issues:

  1. Open Lexicon DJ.
  2. Select the “Find Duplicates” option.
  3. Manually review and process more than 32K duplicates.
  4. Observe that it takes an extended time to complete.
  5. After processing, note that non-archived tracks are not correctly replaced in playlists.

Archived Tracks Not Replaced:

  1. Open Lexicon DJ.
  2. Use the “Find Duplicates” feature.
  3. Archive certain tracks.
  4. Check the playlists to see if non-archived tracks have replaced the archived ones.
  5. Observe that archived tracks are removed but not replaced, leading to missing tracks in playlists.

Screenshot 2024-07-10 110651
Screenshot 2024-07-10 110756