Last Played field/play counts doesn't update?

Just tried sorting my tracks by the Last Played column & realized there was no data for that column for any of my tracks. Does Lexicon not import this info from the DJ software? (I use Rekordbox at my gigs) Also it didn’t look like my Play Counts were accurate. Do these columns only work within Lexicon?

It should import last played and play count.

Do you have a screenshot of that in both RB and LXC?

Rekordbox doesn’t have a field for Last Played but here is a screenshot of my History from last night’s gig, and a playlist in Lexicon I was pulling tracks from. I’d guess 90% of the tracks on the Lexicon playlist were played in Reckordbox last night, but none of them have any info in the Last Played column. & I synced from RB into Lexicon this morning.

so obviously the track order played is different than the Lexicon playlist, but you can see certain tracks on both, like an Abba track, Elvis, Def Leppard, & Dexys Midnight Runner tracks are on both. Looks like these play counts match up but no info under Last Played.

Since RB doesn’t have last played, it’s normal that it is empty in Lexicon.

I wonder if LXC could do something fancy, and read the RB history to track this in LXC?