Lexicon add cue and hot cue not wanted - Rekordbox

Hello, After a first test of Lexicon I found myself faced with concerns, after an import from my Rekordbox library, I modified my playlists in Lexicon and I imported my modifications in Rekordbox, the problem is that during the Import lexicon added to my tracks cue points and hot cue/loop automatically and I did not want, unfortunately I had not done backup of my rekordbox bookstore before … it is not too serious I delete them Little and small, fortunately it only touched the tracks contained in the playlists that I had exported …
My question is the following :
I want to use Lexicon for 2 precise functions and only these:

  1. Organize, modify, merge, complete management of playlists
  2. Clean my library with the function to find double tracks
    Once these actions are made in I wish to import my modifications to my library in Rekordbox but without any other action or modification (cue, hot cue, grid memeory cue …) on my tracks being made by Lexicon.
    What is the exact procedure to do for this?



It’s like you already did it, everything from RB is imported into Lexicon and when you sync (export) back to RB it will put the tracks as they were in Lexicon into RB again.

What cues do you mean that were added automatically? Lexicon only imports cues that are on your RB tracks…

As you see in the first photo in the list all the tracks with green markers, the markers were added by Lexicon, you don’t see many but that’s because I have already deleted a lot of them from the list . On the other photos you can see the added cues and hot cues added by Lexicon.
Strangely on the list they are in green and on the track, the other photos on the right they are in orange…
What I have done :
I imported my Rekordbox library into lexicon, at that moment my tracks did not have all their cues and hot cues, then I just modified my playlists then exported from lexicon to rekordbox and that’s when all these cues and hot cues appeared…

To answer you also, yes I did it last month, I took out a monthly subscription but when I saw that I asked you for a refund which you kindly accepted, my goal is to understand the procedure well because I really want to subscribe to manage my playlist and duplicate tracks but without having this problem of pollution of hot cues and cues on my tracks.

They are loops, check if they are loops in Lexicon too.
Maybe they are old loops that are imported somehow?

Yes they are loops, they did not exist when I imported my library in Lexicon, they were created at the export of Lexicon to Rekordbox.

Okay so they don’t exist in Lexicon? Your Lexicon cues are normal and correct?