Lexicon analysis and sync

I cant tell what exactly is going on but each time I sync lexicon library something weird happens with beat grids and BPMs.

  1. I deleted all databases from PC and disk I use for live performance, I synced Lexicon database with Engine so I got fresh playlists in engine.

  2. Than I analyzed all music with the engine… all good, all beat grids and bpms well analyzed and I can work with this

  3. I make some changes in lexicon and do full sync to the engine, here is where problems begin. My beat grids and bpms are all over the place, on the list of players when you browse I have bpms that are incorrect and I think they come from lexicon analysis which is not that great for my use. When I select and open music I get other bpm and beat grids are all messed.

Is there any option for lexicon to not write BPMs or to do anything with the analysis part of process?

Here is video just to get better idea

You can delete beatgrids in Lexicon, so there will be nothing to write to Engine. There is a recipe for that.

I’m not sure what the cause is, does that always happen? If you can always reproduce it then hopefully so can I and I should be able to fix it.

It’s repeatable as I experienced It, I think maybe there should be a preference where the source of the beat grid would be selected or export options as they are for import, hard to say what would be the best.

If I run the delete beat grid recipe, all songs are having now 120bpms and the grid is off on all of them.

Sorry to bother so much, but I like Lexicon and I need It to work since Engine is crap hehe.

This 120BPM thing is something I’ve seen before but was never able to figure out where it came from. Seems to rarely happen but no idea why.

Can you upload your Lexicon database? From the Help menu. Maybe I can reproduce it here since you start with an empty Engine.

What changes are you making specifically in Engine before the 2nd sync?
And which tracks are getting the 120 BPM problem? So I know where to look

Im just speculating here, maybe lexicon erases beat grid or writes empty one, but since engine dj/player needs some beatgrid over analyzed track with waveform It just makes the ‘‘default’’ 120bpm beat grid or something like that.

I have uploaded database

Yeah maybe, 120 is a number that has popped up before in the past. But haven’t been able to reproduce it any time I try it here.

I’ll take a closer look later this week or next week and report back.

Just a bit more if It will help you;

When I delete beatgrid from lexicon and Sync beatData is erased


Engine prime shows there is grid


But in reality I get this when I open track


I get this 120bpm grid

Alright, was able to figure this one out. Should be fixed in the next update (this week) but please do check different situations where your Engine tracks are analyzed, unanalyzed and with or without beatgrid. It is a combination of those things that causes the 120 BPM problem.