Lexicon and serato dj pro not syncing

after i import the playlist to lexicon it shows all my playlist but when i sync back to serato, my songs are not showing up in the playlist, and the songs that do show up are missing bmp and genera tags. how can i fix this?

Maybe an external drive is disconnected or changed name/letter? Then Lexicon can’t write the crates there

ex drive letter is the same as it should be, but it wont load the songs on the internal drive in the playlist either. and now when i go to start up serato it keeps crashing, it did this for the last 2 days. I had to delete the serato database folder and replace it with my back up for it to open again. but when i do that i don’t have the songs from the lexicon playlist.

The tracks don’t play in Lexicon either? Do they show as missing? Check the track locations and what is wrong there

when i open up lexicon, i go to import the serato folder, it imports all the music, i can load a track and play it in lexicon,
i make tag changes to sum tracks and then i go to sync back to serato dj.when i go to open serato dj it crashes.
the only way for me to open serato again is to take the back up data base file that lexicon made and copy it to serato_ main folder and over ride the database file. now if i open lexicon again it will show all the playlist and tracks but i can not open serato again,

Okay, I’ve never heard of Serato crashing after a sync.

Can you send me your entire _Serato_ folder right after a sync? So I get the Serato folder that crashes for you.

You can zip the folder and upload it here: http://upload.lexicondj.com

I have a gig to do this weekend, and I spent the last two days putting my library back to some what normal, I’m super nervous about closing out Serato, because I don’t know if it’s going to mess everything up when I open Serato back up.

here are the lexicon back ups

backup 2023-05-21 20_51.zip (2.2 KB)

backup 2023-05-22 01_28.zip (2.31 MB)

backup 2023-05-19 11_09.zip (6.09 MB)

backup 2023-05-18 01_03.zip (3.98 MB)

Not seeing any crashes with any of those backups.
Are you the latest Serato version? I’m on 3.0.6

One thing I did notice is there is a weird folder here: _Serato_/Subcrates/Serato Stems with weird permissions, you can try deleting that. Although my Serato had no problem with it.

Yes I’m on Serato 3.0.6, I was on 3.0.5 when I installed Lexicon, then I updated to 3.0.6 and then the crash happen. I went back to 3.0.5 and it crash again so I went back to 3.0.6.

Maybe you can send me your entire _Serato_ folder? You can zip and upload it to http://upload.lexicondj.com

I need the Serato folder when it crashes for you