Lexicon clearing/deleting Serato Beatgrid & cue points

Please fill in this bug report template:

Lexicon version: 1.1.15
Operating system: / Mac (remove one)

Bug description: Every time I sync a specific playlist from lexicon to Serato, the cue points of certain tracks and sometimes the entire beatgrid.

Step by step to reproduce: Set beatgrid and cue points in Serato. Sync specific playlist from Lexicon to Serato. Serato cues and beatgrids will disapear.

If this is about a DJ app, please also add screenshots of the problem in that DJ app.

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Are the cues visible in Lexicon after the import?

No they are not.

Can you try this with the latest Lexicon version? There was Serato fix that might be relevant.

If it doesn’t work, can you upload one of those music files to me? You can upload with this link

Still overwrites the serato cue points and in some cases deletes the serato beat grid entirely.

Here is the list in Lexicon - on Tipsy it completely removes the Serato beatgrid even though I go through and set it up within Serato right before. On Shots, it removes the cue points.

Sorry I was unclear with my request for the files to upload. These don’t have any cues anymore (cleared by Lexicon probably).
Can you upload a track that has cues in your Serato now but does not have cues in Lexicon after import? Same upload link as before

Got it. I recreated the cue points in Serato and re-uploaded the files

Okay so I tested your tracks:
I see the cues in Serato as expected. Then I import your tracks from Serato into Lexicon. And when I load the tracks, I see the cues, like normal.

But when you do those steps, you don’t see cues in Lexicon?

Not sure what you mean.

These tracks were originally in Serato. I re-organized my entire library and ran everything through PN & MixedinKey to clean them up etc.

Then I pulled everything into Lexicon as my primary library organization and wedding prep tool. I knew going into it that I would have to reset some cue points and beat grids as i used them in Serato, but after setting them up in Serato, Lexicon overwrites them when I sync a new set of playlists for my next wedding.

From your last comment, it looks lik I am coming from the opposite direction. Because of my reorganization I started with lexicon and no beatgrid/cue data and am using those songs in Serato and creating cues/beatgrids on the fly there. Is there any way to recheck the existing songs for beatgrid/cue points without doing a new lexicon library import?

How do you mean recheck? Not sure we are totally talking about the same thing right now.

You can always make a Lexicon backup and restore it after some testing.

I’m wondering if you do the same steps I did in my last post, with your files, if you do see the cues in Lexicon now.

Alright, so I am missing something on this process. I am going to go through the steps how I think you mean so we can be sure we are on the same page.

Background: All my music files are in one single folder. That folder is used for lexicon file locations, Apple Music file locations, Serato file locations, and is a Onedrive folder that backs up all track and metadata changes to the cloud.

  1. Generate cue points, fix beat grid etc in Serato.
  2. Close Serato.
  3. Open Lexicon and delete track from database in Lexicon.
  4. Move the track (with serato cue points and beat grid) from main music folder into Lexicon watch folder.
  5. Tag, add to playlists, and Import track into Lexicon database.
  6. Load track in Lexicon internal player.

End result: Track in Lexicon should show the cue points/beatgrid that were set in Serato?

Is that accurate in the process and end result or do you mean something else?

IF that is accurate, then NO, I do NOT see any cue points in Lexicon when I re-import the music file.

Alright, the missing thing here is that you are not using the import process.

Go to the Sync page and press the Import tracks & playlists button at the bottom. That is how you import from a DJ app, including all DJ information like cues.

See: Serato | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

Got it! Thank you. I thought that was just for initially using Lexicon and not to pull the beatgrid/cues over. I’ll be using that now.

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