Lexicon does not read vdjcache file

I am using Tidal in Virtual DJ and I am able to import the tracks into Lexicon and tag it. But when I download the tracks to virtual DJ cache and try to import it to Lexicon, Lexicon is not able to read the cache files.

Is there a work around or does it have to be a one way door of tagging before caching?

Cache files are not meant to be read. Streaming tracks don’t have files you can use. You can only stream them in VDJ.

Lexicon doesn’t have Tidal streaming support yet. You can import your streaming tracks (just do a normal import) and you can tag your files, but not play them in Lexicon yet.

Thanks for clarifying. I think I will just stick to using only purchased songs instead of streaming.

That is definitely the best way to go, own your music so it won’t randomly disappear!