Lexicon export to rekordbox without xml

how is the work on this going?

I’m about to start working on it. I’ll create a topic on the forum when the first test build is ready. It will need some testing to get rid of the big bugs before I can add it to the normal updates.

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I’d be willing to test it.

Quick status update:

  • Track export works and it’s super fast


  • Export beatgrids
  • Export playlists and smartlists
  • Export MyTags

Already tackling annoying bugs that were in the XML like memory cue colors not being supported. And for hot cue colors you now also have black and white available (they work in RB but you can’t choose them there).

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super fast…like sonic the hedgehog?

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This is exciting news. Ready to beta test when you are!

Here you go. Please report all bugs in that topic

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