LEXICON library is out of date. How to sync my current Serato Library to Lex?

Hey Guys … Christian! urgent pls help

I’ve had to make changes on the fly in Serato pre-gigs recently. So actually my Lexicon library and Playlists are not current.

i want my current Serato Library / Crates to reflect in Lexicon.

99% of the folders and songs already exist within lexicon, but there are minor updates that need to be synced. After Lexicon is correct, I wish export Lexi to Rekordbox.

In this sync menu setting for this scenario would i be selecting on the left:


OR on the right

Please help bro!


here is a screen shot .… thanks for any help guys…

Sync is an outbound operation, it syncs data from Lexicon into your DJ Application
Import is an inbound operation, it imports data from your DJ Application into Lexicon

Based on what you’ve said it sounds like you’ve made changes in Serato you wish to import in Lexicon, so you’d run a Serato import. You can use the full import, or, if you only worked within a specific playlist you can import just that playlist to pull in the changes to those tracks. As long as Merge with Current Library is enabled the imported tracks will be merged with your existing Lexicon Library, updating existing instances of the tracks.

Once you’ve imported from Serato you can then run a Sync to Rekordbox to send the playlists over to Rekordbox.

thanks that does make sense, thank you.

i guessing if i do the full import from serato it will take forever (which i do not have time for it will ? Would it essentially be like starting from zero?

… or are you suggesting i can do a full import , or ONLY a SELECTED playlists import with “Merged current library” selected.

thanks so much for your help! Just trying to get my head around it :slight_smile: