Lexicon Local API Documentation

You can find the interactive Local API documentation here

Ooh, this is getting the creative juices flowing. Some ideas for endpoints/parameters and potential usecases:

  • title parameter for the track endpoint to search for a specific track rather than specifying the ID.
  • Potentially an “inplaylist” parameter for /track/ to only return a track if it’s in a playlist. Alternatively, when we have an endpoint for playlists we could specify specific playlist IDs.

Things like this could power a song request tool for my twitch stream where the song request chatbot could poll Lexicon to verify if I have the song or not


Absolutely! I’m only just getting started with the API. It will grow over time. I just felt like making the base for it with the docs. More soon! (doing too many things at the same time right now :D)

This looks very good for a first pass.

I was thinking about doing a script that would automate imports when certain criteria are met… I have a few things in mind (rounded BPM, cue point analysis), and it looks like i have almost everything I need…

I think I can do mostly everything with this API…

I think I would query the track endpoint, and get any tracks without cue or tempo markers, and anything incoming… and run processing on those using actions…
I see the actions rely on selected tracks… I can’t see where I would be able to query, then select tracks based on criteria (incoming = 1)… and other things…

Where would I do that?
Other than that, I think I could write a pretty decent automation.

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The API is very much in progress so I still have to add lots of endpoints and options.
I think an endpoint to execute recipes on a list of tracks would be an excellent idea.

Give me some time for that :slight_smile: I’m building the API when I find some time here and there. There is a lot to document too.