Lexicon marking tracks in Engine DJ as packed following sync

Lexicon version: 1.6.16

Operating system (remove one): MacOS Sonoma 14.5, Apple M2 Pro 2023

Bug description:

There is a column in Engine DJ which shows tracks that have been exported to performance drive eg USB stick etc

This column is called “Packed”

This Packed column should only contain a dot/icon when one has actually used engine dj desktop to export tracks to usb/sd/ssd etc

I have noticed for a while now, that when i create a Engine DJ desktop database with Lexicon that Packed column gets that attribute dot (implying that i have already exported to USB/SD/SSD

Step by step to reproduce:

Sync Lexicon to Engine DJ (desktop)

There are two columns in the Engine database:

  • isMetadataOfPackedTrackChanged
  • isPerfomanceDataOfPackedTrackChanged

I’ve never known what they mean so Lexicon always sets them to false (or zero).

Does false mean the dot shows in Engine?

That could be it.

I’m not an expert when it comes to DB.

Maybe we could experiment with it with a test build .

Happy to test.

Something to bear in mind as well is users who synced their Engine DJ library to Lexicon. They may want the state to remain as it is in Engine.

So for example say I’m an Engine user who wants to add my library to Lexicon and then want to sync back to Engine afterwards. I will expect that column to contain the same information with the new library.

So therefore I will suggest if you do plan to look into this to accommodate both scenarios .

Scenario 1 - just making up my engine library for the first time (column should be empty)

Scenario 2 - Engine user who has created USBs in the past but needs to sync to Lexicon and perhaps back to Engine. Some tracks will have the icon and some will not (if I have never exported them to USB)

Hope this makes sense

I agree that the state should remain but I’ve never seen it change yet (didn’t really experiment with it though). Sync Manager may be the answer to that

Can you open the database (m.db) with SQLite Browser and check when/if those 2 columns change for any of your tracks?

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OK here goes

  1. Current state - New Library built without LXC

  1. DB entry for a track before sync manager

  1. Post Sync Manager

  1. Back to EDJ after using sync manager, empty field (i thought the feature was broken)

  1. Then i used drag and drop method - Voila (icons appear)

  1. DB after drag and drop = them values are still 0 (Zero)

  1. Checked target drive DB as well

  1. Target DB PACK Table shows two entries - Interesting

  1. Could this be it?

  1. Source DB PACK table

  1. Post LXC sync to EDJ

  1. I also noticed that after LXC - > EDJ sync i am unable to sort EDJ by the PACK column again.

What’s weird is that LXC puts the packed columns to zero after sync, shouldn’t that show without dot in Engine? Can you check if those columns are zero after sync?