Lexicon Not Properly Syncing Parent Crates to Engine

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Lexicon version: …
Operating system (remove one): Mac 13.2.1

Bug description: Parent crates in engine not mirroring from lexicon properly.

Step by step to reproduce: Synching from Serato to lexicon works flawlessly. When I sync from lkexicon to engine, some of the parent crates are empty. Some have all the files in them. I can’t find a pattern between which parent crates sync properly and which do not. Here are screenshots. I’ve also added one of engine that worked as it should. Thanks!


Can you try the latest Lexicon 1.5.8, released earlier today? There was an Engine fix that may have an impact (although was not specifically for this issue).

Did you do a full sync or playlist sync to Engine? Could also be related to that

Thanks, Christiaan

I already updated. I think it’s a bug in engine. I restarted engine several times. After i restarted the computer, engines crates were working like normal. When it wasnt working, i couldnt even drag tracks into the parent folder where they missing.

Appreciate it!

Okay, thanks the feedback! :slight_smile:

Hey, Christiaan

The problem is happening again. Some parent crates are empty. This happens whether I have the “all smartlists to playlists” button checked or not. I am also experiencing strange syncing behavior like tracks showing up in crates that weren’t in there. Again, my Serato and lexicon are syncing perfectly so this is happening when syncing from Lexicon to Engine.


Can you test if that happens with an empty Engine library too? If so, that would really make it faster for me to figure out the problem

Yep. Ive tried deleting the crates but got the same issue.

You want me to delete the engine database and sync after that?

Yeah that might help and would be good to know if it still happens then

I trashed the Engine databases and then did a fresh sync but received the same results. I am starting to notice a pattern and the same parent folder crates are empty.

Can you upload your Lexicon database & logs? From the Help menu.
And which parent crate is empty exactly?
I’ll give it a test run here


Start with

Forty EDM
House and EDM Rmx SMART
The Club
Opener Sets

Thanks, I think I solved it. I will bring out a Lexicon stable update later today/tomorrow with the fix.

Thank you. I also think its putting those missing tracks into other parent folders. I have a slew of songs in my parent transition folder that arent transitions and arent in the child folders.

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