Lexicon not searching external HDD - Track Matcher

Hi everyone,

I am trying to use the track matcher function, however it doesn’t seem to be searching my external HDD where my music is stored.

When i put the songs i am looking for and click search, literally a second later it’s done and added all songs to “not found” when i know that i have a lot of them on my Ext HDD.

Is there a way to change the search location?



Hi Keith,

The Track Matcher will match your Spotify playlist with any track that is currently in Lexicon.

So if it is not matching tracks from an external hdd, maybe those tracks aren’t in Lexicon yet? You can drag them in or if you have them in your DJ app, you can import from that DJ app. Not sure if you’ve imported already?

Hi Christiaan,

Thank you for the email.

Ahh ok, so I have to import all of my music into lexicon for it to then search for the tracks within the program correct? Sorry I’ve literally just downloaded it, so currently clueless.

Ok I’ll give that a try then.

Thanks again


Yep, that’s right. If the music is visible in Lexicon, then the Track Matcher will consider it as a possible match