Lexicon Overwriting Rekordbox Play Counts

Lexicon version: 1.4
Operating system (remove one): Mac

Bug description: After playing tracks from a USB, Rekordbox updates the play counts when the USB is connected again. The new play counts are not reflected in Lexicon, so up syncing, Lexicon will overwrite the Rekordbox play counts with the old counts.

Step by step to reproduce:

  1. Play a song from USB on a CDJ or XDJ (ex: play count goes from 0 → 1)
  2. Connect the USB to Rekordbox and see that the play count has increased.
  3. Close Rekordbox, open Lexicon, and preform a full sync.
  4. Open Rekordbox and see that the play count has reverted to the original value (ex: play count shows 0 again)

With those steps, this sounds like normal behavior. Because Lexicon has the old play count and after syncing (exporting), it will send the old play counts over to RB.

What you have to do is import those tracks (either a full import or playlist import eg from your history) so Lexicon knows the new play count. You can use the Specific fields option to only import Plays. That way no other info is imported.

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