Lexicon Partially Syncs VDJ Folders

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**Operating system: Windows !!

Bug description:

After importing VDJ database I get an error message that is a “warning” that x number of tracks were not added to the respective playlists. This happens to be a large portion of files that are randomly ommitted from playlists throughout my database. Doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason. I have just switched to Lexicon, however I didnt seem to have this issue when using Rekordcloud.

Step by step to reproduce:
Create database with VDJ-Import VDJ database to Lexicon-Message appears

Are those lower warnings related maybe? VDJ allows non-audio files in the library, so they get skipped when importing to Lexicon.

Unfortunatley it’s a seperate issue. The lower refferenced files are accurate in that they are not audio files and essentially not needed for what I’m doing.

However, the previous listed tracks (and they’re are several more listed on the import warning report) are not importing correctly. I’ve also checked the VDJ exported database and all of the files missing after the import into Lexicon are present prior to the import in the VDJ database file. If you have suggestions, I’d like to hear. Again the Rekordcloud tool functioned well and was reliable. I hope to get to that place with this program as well. Thanks

Okay, I’m sure I can figure it out. Can you send me your VirtualDJ folder? You should be able to find it here: C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\VirtualDJ

You can zip and upload it here: http://upload.lexicondj.com

Christiaan, thanks so much. I’ve uploaded the VDJ folder. Please let me know if you need anything else.

Shannon Chambers

Looks like all the missing tracks are from external drives, like the D: drive. That means there should be a VirtualDJ folder at D:\VirtualDJ as well. Can you also upload that?

Christiaan, Thanks so much for the feedback. After you last respsonse I dida couple of things.

  1. Deleted my “virtual” folder in VDJ- this may have had some impact but wasnt what I needed.

  2. I plugged back in my back-up drive which registers as D: on my computer. This seemed to help with the export and import to Lexicon. However it was a bit confusing because this is only a backup drive for my G: drive, which is where I keep all of my music on and shouldnt need drive D: to be used. At any rate it worked.

  3. I used to the “Relocate” feature in lexicon, because many of the previously missing tracks still had a filepath on the D drive.

This all seemed to work. I havent gone through my database with a fine tooth comb as of yet. But just wanted to let you know your suggestion helped and I think my intial issue has been solved.
Thanks soo much!

Shannon Chambers

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Great :slight_smile: Nice job!

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