Lexicon -> RB (Mac) -> RB (iOS) sync problems

Now that I’ve gotten my library sync’d from Lexicon to RekordBox on my Mac, I tried setting up Rekordbox’s mobile sync (with the Rekordbox iOS app). I find it convenient to review my cues, beatgrids, etc… or just play some of these tunes on the go. I have selected specific playlists in RB on my laptop to sync to mobile, but I’m seeing some weird behavior that seems like a Lexicon bug.

  • The songs contained in the selected playlists all seem to be sync’d from RB laptop to RB iPhone.
  • Playlist names that were created in Lexicon, and then sync’d to RB (laptop) show up as expected on my laptop, but when I right click for mobile options for these playlists in RB on my laptop, the only option I see is to delete the playlist from my mobile device. This shouldn’t appear as an option until after I’ve transferred them from RB laptop to RB mobile.
  • If I select the option to delete the playlist from my mobile device (even though it’s not actually there) and then select to transfer to my mobile device, I see the “transferring” progress bar work as expected in the footer of RB on my laptop, but then the playlists still do not show up in RB on my iPhone.

Note that I’m also seeing some weird behavior where some playlists created in RB (laptop), which have never been seen by Lexicon are appearing to be empty on the phone in Playlist view even though the tracks are there in Collection view. However, all playlist names of playlists created in RB at least show up in the mobile app, unlike Lexicon’s playlists.

So there may be a combination of RB bugs and Lexicon bugs, but I think the fact that the playlists created in Lexicon initially are believed by RB to already be sync’d to mobile, but never show up at all in the RB mobile app indicates there’s something different about them.

Maybe however they get exported from Lexicon to Rekordbox (Mac), they work correctly in the UI on the laptop, but are missing some metadata that makes them sync’able via RB’s mobile sync. If it matters, I used the Direct rather than XML export from Lexicon.


There can definitely be something going on there, I haven’t done much work with the RB mobile app and I don’t know what magic they do when syncing to their mobile app. So something I would have to investigate and spend some time on to figure that out.

What would really help me here is a video of the whole process and where you are seeing the weird things. Very useful as a reference for me when I look into it. Can you make a video of all this?

I’ll try although I might have to give you a series of mobile screenshots since I’d be using my phone to film the video of the laptop screen. It’s not super urgent for me, and their own sync seems a little buggy, but it seems like loose ends you might want to tidy up in your awesome app. I may not get to it until this weekend, though.

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I haven’t had time to take videos yet, but here’s what I’ve learned:

  • Issues occur in both RB 6.7.0 and 6.7.1 (I haven’t tried older versions yet)
  • RB has a bug that if a smart playlist has a “all of” criteria on MyTags, then the playlist will appear empty when sync’d to the device. This happens whether the playlist is created in Lexicon or natively in RB, so I’ll try to report to Pioneer. (However, playlists using “any of” criteria on MyTags properly show up after a mobile sync.) The symptoms are the same as I see with Lexicon-created playlists, though (regular or smart).
  • If I edit (in RB) an intelligent playlist that originally was sync’d from Lexicon, then it starts to behave like a native RB-created intelligent playlist and will show up populated in the mobile app if there are no MyTags criteria.
  • If I manually add a track in RB to a static (not smart) playlist that was originally sync’d from Lexicon, then that new track will sync to the RB mobile app, but the others that were configured in Lexicon will not. Maybe this is a good clue for you. It seems the playlist’s metadata syncs properly from Lexicon → RB, but somehow the mapping between playlists and tracks has enough info to display in the UI in RB, but not enough data to register with the RB sync logic.

Christiaan, I’m not sure it’s the best use of your time trying to debug this right now. Their own sync between RB Mac and RB iOS is fairly buggy right now (e.g. MyTags don’t sync at all), so it may be hard to isolate what role Lexicon is playing in this. (And this playlist isn’t my biggest issue at the moment.)

I’ll still grab you a video and screenshots when I get a chance, but haven’t had time yet this weekend.

Okay, thanks for letting me know. Whatever more information we can get here is better

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