Lexicon seems to have messed up my Traktor library

Since syncing Lexicon back to Traktor my key column filter is jammed on Traktor so I can’t organise or browse playlists in key.
Also when filtering columns in Lexicon it filters all playlists by that filter Not just the playlist you are working on. This means ALL my set lists are now out of order and I can’t get the back in order as the numbers are not the same as in Traktor. So basically both libraries are now wrecked and I am at a loss as to how to fix them. I

You can unsort a playlist by clicking the sort arrow until it disappears, then they will be in original order.

What do you mean by “key column filter jammed” ? Can you clarify with screenshots?

Hi Christiaan,

Thanks for your reply. Which is the sort arrow?

Re the ‘key column jammed’, I have managed to fix this issue in Traktor by importing a previous collection, from before the fault occurred. However I would like to avoid it happening again in future. I wonder if it was because I synced my Lexicon library back to my Traktor library with the ‘open key’ setting ticked instead of ‘original key’? Could that have corrupted the key information in Traktor so that I could no longer order/sort playlists by key? (That is what I meant by jammed) All the other columns worked as normal- e.g. when you press the ‘artist’ column it orders the playlist alphabetically by artist, but when pressing on the key column it was jammed and did not reorder the tracks by key.

If you can offer insight into why that might have happened and if it was related to the kety setting in Lexicon as I suspect that would be great.

On another issue; when syncing my fixed library back to Lexicon most playlists are now back in the right order but some are still wrong. Why are the track numbers in Lexicon not the same as the track numbers in Traktor?

Until I understand where the sort arrow is to restore playlists to their original order I am a bit nervous to try anything more out, but could you also clarify whether it is possible to only reorder the playlist you are working on by name, artist, key or whatever you need, rather than it reordering every playlist in the collection? This is a massive pain! Especially when I can’t see how to get them back to their original order because the track numbers don’t match up.

I hope this all makes sense- it’s so hard to describe this stuff!

Thanks, Jen

This one:

Yes, original key is better for Traktor, it will put back the keys like you had them. Open Key is the same as Camelot but with different letters. Also, there are 2 Key columns (Key and Key Text) in Traktor. I suspect you sort by Key, but Key Text will work better with Open Key I think.

Track numbers in Lexicon are just a number, you can fill in anything (originally the track number on the CD). They don’t tell you anything about the playlist order.

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Thanks Christian,

Are you able to help with my other Lexicon queries as well?

  1. You said ‘You can unsort a playlist by clicking the sort arrow until it disappears, then they will be in original order.’ Where is the sort arrow? I’m not sure which arrow you are referring to,

  2. Is it possible to only reorder the playlist you are working on by name, artist, key or whatever you need without it reordering every playlist in the collection? That is what is happening to me now and has resulted in me losing the order of all my sets.

  3. As Lexicon is now not showing the same library as Traktor, despite me re importing it with the merge button unticked, I am considering clearing the whole Lexicon library and starting fresh once I have better understanding of how Lexicon functions (particularly the questions above) Will the track files on my computer be safe if I do so?

Thank you,

  1. At the top of the track browser in Lexicon, click the column headers (where it says TITLE) and you’l see a small arrow next to it. Keep clicking until the arrow is gone. Now your playlist is in original order.

  2. Yes and no… Playlist order is global, for all playlists. But you can change the original order by right clicking a playlist → Tools → Rewrite Order. Then after syncing to Traktor, the playlist will stay in that order (if you haven’t sorted it in Traktor of course)

  3. With Merge unticked, you already have a clear Lexicon. Yes, your tracks are totally safe

Thanks Christian,

Got that all sorted.

The last thing that seems to be causing a discrepancy is that one of my Traktor playlists contains the same track more than once- on purpose. (This is a playlist I keep that has all my sets I’ve ever played in one long mega set, all in their order- handy for when I’m mixing on the fly and a bit worse for wear- just means I can resort to stuff I’ve played before and jump around in that one playlist- hence why the same track appears more than once)
Anyway, when syncing from Traktor Lexicon overrides this and removes all the duplicate tracks. Is there a way to override this?
If not I guess it just means I can’t do a full sync back down to Traktor, which is annoying if I make changes/do any library management in Lexicon, but not the end of the world as I can sync the other playlists and avoid syncing that particular one I guess.

Hopefully this is the last query for now I do appreciate your fast responses and am on the whole super happy with Lexicon as it means I can sync from Traktor to Lexicon and down to Rekordbox (which I hate!) whenever required.

Thanks again,


Lexicon doesn’t allow the same track in a playlist twice so that would explain it. Some users work around this with several fake tracks so they can use them as separators.

I would advice you to break up your playlists in multiple playlists so you don’t need these fake track separators.