Lexicon Serato -> LEX -> Serato not saving cue points

My import process for loading songs is as follows:

(Download mp3/wav files from pool/soundcloud/spotify)

  1. Run songs through Mixed In Key
  2. Run those files through Platinum Notes, which creates an edited copy of the music file in my Dropbox folder for DJ music
  3. Import into Serato from that folder
  4. Edit hot cues and beatgrids on Serato - just easier because I can plug in CDJs and use the platters + hot cue buttons

(And delete the original, un-platinum notes -edited files)

  1. Import into Lexicon through the sync page’s import function
  2. Edit any information on Lexicon including extracting remixer, title fixes, etc
  3. Export back to Serato

Result: The hot cues I set manually virtually always disappear and are replaced with the automatically generated ones by Mixed In Key.

Does this happen on both mp3 and wav or just one of the two? Might be related to filetype, I’ve seen something like this before

All the files are mp3 - .wav only my own productions/recordings so wouldn’t go through MiK and PN.

Can you upload a few of those mp3s? I’ll give them a test here

You can upload with this link: http://upload.lexicondj.com

Uploaded a couple mp3s.

Package message will be this URL, title is “sample mp3s”.

I tried your steps (without the PN step) with your mp3s but didn’t get the same result.
Can you try this?

  1. After import from Serato, check what cues are showing in Lexicon. The MIK cues or your Serato cues?
  2. There is a setting in Lexicon to load MIK cues automatically, you can try turning that off and try the import again. This setting should not matter, it’s only for when you drag tracks into Lexicon, but you never know.
  3. Try your steps again with a fresh MP3 but without PN. PN changes the file so perhaps that is somehow involved.

Hi Christiaan,


Wipe the Serato main and backup folders. Delete and reinstall both Serato and Lexicon.

  1. Find song already in Serato library with auto-generated MiK cue points. Edit cue points on that song in Serato.
  2. Close Serato.
  3. Full import Serato → Lexicon.

Cue points display properly in Lexicon.

  1. Edit cue points in Lexicon.
  2. Full sync Lexicon → Serato.

Cue points display properly in Serato as well.

I never want to use MiK cue points anyway, so I found a solution in disabling MiK’s option to write tags. Only have it updating the “initial key” field now. That should completely remove any chance of encountering MiK cue point related issues in the future. I’ll go through my library and fix everything else in Lexicon and once that’s sorted it should be smooth sailing from then on out… I hope?

My workflow from here on out will be as follows:

  1. Download songs.
  2. Run songs through MiK for key detection.
  3. Run through PN with Lexicon’s watch folder set as the export destination.
  4. Work through songs in Lexicon’s incoming folder. Have Lexicon set to rename and move files to final destination when done.
  5. Full sync Lexicon → DJ app.

If I somehow encounter some cue point issues again, I will try to reproduce it on video for ya! Still no idea why I had issues in the first place.

Thank you for the support, sorry I couldn’t help you get this definitively resolved! I will definitely be staying a Lexicon subscriber though! Being able to export my library to Serato and Rekordbox means I can spin with a laptop when I want to and spin with a thumbdrive when I have to.

No worries! Glad we got that figured out.
Also I would do PN as the very first step, before adding cues. Because PN rewrites the file with a new version that has some silence at the beginning. So if cues were already added and PN replaces the file, the cues will be slightly offset. So using PN is not bad, but always do it as the very first step.

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