Lexicon Tag find tags and album art

Hello, as i succesfully imported all my Serato library, while having lexicon to update tags, there are:

  1. occasions that metadata is partially imported (not all metadata is overwritten). For example i looked metadata for California Love/Tupac…i cant get the genre for this! while the rest of the fields are properly updated.

  2. occasions that no metadata at all is overwritten

  3. Danceablity, Popularity and Happiness not accounted.

Any advice is welcome

The tag information comes from multiple sources, mostly from Spotify. Spotify has the Danceability, Popularity and Happiness tags so if a track can’t be found on Spotify, it won’t fill that information. That goes for Genre too, it will find that on Discogs as well, if there is a hit.

Most tracks are on Spotify but it depends on the accuracy of your artist and title. If it contains non-sense then it will reduce the chance of finding a result. Unknown/unofficial releases like bootlegs etc are also often not found.

If you have examples of tracks that are not getting results, please share them here and I can always try to improve the algorithm.