Library organisation

To start with, I like to have my lexicon library on a extern HD as there is not enough space on the laptop
I am working with apple and my Itunes Library is already on a extern HD
Sorry if that is a to simple question, but still want to be sure to do it right from start.

The Lexicon database is always on your internal drive, but it’s not big at all.

If your music is on an external drive, then you can just drag the music into Lexicon and it won’t use extra space.

Thank you
my itunes music is on a external ssd and the xml on the hard disc, it seems that confuse lexicon
as Lexicon find the tunes only after searching for it and I did that for a few tracks then it works.
Cant do that for all tracks😂
Seems I do something not right ?

What do you mean searching for it?

You can let iTunes create an XML file that you can import into Lexicon, did you try that?