Linux version of Lexicon

What is the feature or ability you would like to have?
Linux version. It could be AppImage, Flatpak, or Snap image if it is not reasonable to build dedicated binaries for .deb (Debian, Ubuntu), .rpm (Centos, Redhat), and Aur (Arch Linux).

How will this feature help you and others?
Linux users who are DJs are a pretty niche market, but Lexicon should take note of them. Linux users are good at coding, so they could code integrations that could be used on other platforms. I don’t know what stack Lexicon uses, but I bet compiling for Linux is not too hard since there are already Mac and Windows versions. Pioneer’s CDJ USB binary format is reverse-engineered (Database Exports :: DJ Link Ecosystem Analysis), so the Linux community could create an application that queries the Lexicon SQLite database and exports the data to a USB stick that Pioneer’s CDJ players can play.

Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product?
The only DJ software available for Linux is MIXXX ( DJ software, which is pretty simple. On the video editing side, DaVinci Resolve has gained much popularity since the Linux version’s release. Power users have been able to configure a system just for them, and it would be great to have a similar powerful system in the DJ world.

Does a workaround currently exist?
Using Lexicon’s Windows version over Wine ( doesn’t work and there isn’t an entry on the Wine application database.

I don’t have plans for a Linux version right now but maybe in the future.


I just read on the forum just now that you are probably using the Electron framework. If it’s true, then it’s great because Electron is cross-platform.

If you build your Electron apps with Electron Builder, shipping the Linux version is super easy, using AppImages. It doesn’t require you to sign up for an online developer account anywhere, doesn’t require you to do any fancy signing, auto-update with electron-updater, and can just be hosted on your website like a regular file.

Using this single command you can build Linux version:

electron-builder build --linux AppImage

Every distribution can run AppImage files, so you can cover every distribution with this one build. Stick the AppImage on your website alongside your exe and dmg files.