Locating missing tracks and copying them at the same time? - A story of a newbie [solved]

Hi guys,

I recentely swtiched to a new computer, copied my dj library to an external drive and kept my fingers crossed that everything would go fine. Well, it didn’t. :rofl:

I’m currently using Denon ecosystem and their Engine DJ librarian is a real nightmare missing A LOT of basic functionalities, including locating missing files. But no worries I thought, a friend told me about Lexicon and quite easily I was able to get my playlists etc in to Lexicon and even re-linked most of my tracks pointing the dj library to my new external drive.

BUT I’m still missing a few tracks that, for what ever reason, aren’t in my dj library now freshly copied over to the external drive. Luckily I still have them on my USB thumb drive I use to DJ so no worries I thought.

My question here is: How do I copy and re-locate the missing files only? Missing files are located in the USB thumb drive and want to copy these to my main dj library on external drive and re-locate them pointing to the external drive I have the rest of my library? Is this possible to somehow do smart way inside Lexicon or do I need to copy every missing file first manually (massive work, I’d rather not) and then use the ‘find lost tracks’ function?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Are these extra files already in Lexicon? Or they appear as missing in Lexicon?

If you can get Lexicon to find them, even on the USB drive, then you can automatically move them. See this guide: Guide: Moving and renaming files automatically | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

I was able to use the ‘Find Lost Tracks’ successfully re-locating all the missing tracks. Now these previously missing tracks are in my library, but the files of these are pointing to the USB thumb drive instead of the main dj library folder.

I would like everything to be neat and tidy, copied, to my main dj library on my external drive.

Thank you, I will check out the guide! :slight_smile:

If I mark everything as Incoming but I want tracks already in the main dj library not to be touched, how do I do that? I want to move just the ones currently on the USB thumb drive.

I would only mark the USB tracks as incoming. You can create a smartlist with a Location rule to only find those.

Perfect! Thank you! :slight_smile:

Update: Solved!

Got everything working nice and tidy, thank you!