Lock Beatgrid after export to Serato (blue padlock)

After exporting my collection to Serato, I noticed a blue padlock icon in front of my tracks:

All of them are marked with this padlock.

Consulting Serato’s literature, they report that tracks that have this padlock are blocked from analysis.

I can even remove it, but imagine me doing that in the 19,000 songs…

I wanted to know why Lexicon only does this in Serato?

Yep that is on purpose because otherwise Serato will overwrite the beatgrid from Lexicon with a new one. This way, it will keep the beatgrid but still create the waveform for your tracks.

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Couldn’t it be a selectable option there in SYNC TO? In future updates, could this option be included?

Do you need them unlocked in Serato?

Yes and I believe that more people do too, because in my case, I migrated from rekordbox Mac to Lexicon Windows and then exported to Engine and Serato Windows and many tracks do not have the correct beatgrids and I would like to reanalyze them in Serato. When I export to the Engine there is an option to keep the beatgrids unlocked or not.

Engine is different and locks work different there.

You can unlock multiple tracks at once, see https://support.serato.com/hc/en-us/articles/235214887-Lock-Beatgrids

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