Lock Beatgrids in Lexicon and maintain that when syncing to a Program that supports the feature

What is the feature or ability you would like to have?

  1. An ability to lock beat grids for tracks in LXC

  2. Respect/Maintain/Keep locked track status when we sync from Serato/Rekordbox/Engine DJ to LXC

  3. Default export/sync from LXC to maintain lock/unlock states for each tracks

How will this feature help you and others?

This way i way i can leave my sync settings as default - locked tracks are locked, unlocked tracks are unlocked

Currently i have to do 2 different sync

  1. I have a smart list for tracks that have flexible grids (i want this locked) - sync settings is locked

  2. Then all the regular/straight/steady grid songs ar.e synced as unlocked

Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product?


Engine DJ

Serato DJ

Does a workaround currently exist?

Keep a note or tag all tracks with beatgrid lock in current software

Lexicon never overwrites grids unless you explicitly tell it to so inside Lexicon a beatgrid lock is not needed. As for syncing, sometimes it does need to change beatgrids because of the beatshift problem. So having a lock there would be counter productive.

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