Loops not locking to grid

Hi Christiaan,

Attaching a video of trying to set a loop.
It doesn’t snap to the grid. Is there a way to manually adjust this?

Do you have Quantize enabled? That snaps cues to the grid.

yes, quantize is on

The loops are set on cues that already exist, so I think the cues are already not on the grid?

If you want your existing cues snapped to the grid, you can use the Quantize Cues recipe

Yeah, it’s a bit weird, it doesn’t happen on all tracks. Maybe it’s because on this track the BPM fluctuates a bit but the loop still thinks it is exactly what it is where the cue (loop) starts even after i have made sure the grid is correct.
Quantizing cues on the whole library isn’t going to work, I have some cues in between the grids on some tracks.
All good, I can just adjust in Serato and then send it back.
It would be great if there was a way to adjust the loop like in Serato.

How do you mean adjust the loop like in Serato?

The start and end points can be adjusted. You can loop anywhere, not to a grid. So, if it’s off a bit, you can edit it, bring the end forward or back and same with the beginning of the loop.

Yeah okay, but usually you want to loop to the grid or by x beats. But Serato is a bit strange, it seems to quantize cues to the peaks in the waveform, not just beat. Not entirely sure how that works

I understand that but in this case on this particular track, the grid has been set but the loop is snapping to something else. It’s all good. thanks for your time.