Lost My original crates from serato

I lost all my crates from serato. i was trying the Lexicon app and only transfer one creat/playlist and it deleted all of the rest

Maybe you did a sync with an (almost) empty library? That will give you a warning and tell you what it’s about to do…

Only importing does not delete anything so that could not have been it.

Lexicon makes backups before writing anything. So for your Serato library, there are backups too. Check your Music/_Serato_/Lexicon folder for zip files that contain database backups.
This backup folder also exists for every external drive you have that contains a _Serato_ folder.

Put the contents of the zip backup file back in the corresponding _Serato_ folder.

I need help. I inboxed you as happystan Stan on fb messenger. you mentioned that “dropped the lexicon back up content in the appropriate Serato folder”. what do you mean? what folder is it
please and thank you