Loudness Indication + Normalization

What is the feature or ability you would like to have?
I’d like to see integration of a auto-gain feature since Engine DJ doesn’t have it and my tracks aren’t consistent throughout. I’ve been collecting for years now. Recently I started using MP3Gain Express. This helps tremendously not having to ludicrously twist the gain knob on my Prime 4. There might be DJ’s here that feel like it’s part of the DJ’s task. Sure, but I DJ’ed with Serato and Traktor prior to using the Denon Prime 4. They had auto gain features that I always used.

How will this feature help you and others?
This would help me and others because the integration of an auto-gain feature (baked in to the mp3 to a set amount of dB) is already the case with other DJ software. Switching platforms is one of the main reasons (I assume) for a lot of DJ’s to use Lexicon, so this might come in handy. Consistency between all their DJ platforms.

Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product?
Yes, Serato & Traktor and maybe some other DJ software too. Sadly, Engine DJ does not support this feature.

Does a workaround currently exist?
Yes, using MP3Gain Express or dB gainers (in my case reducers) of the like do the trick.

I’ve never checked which DJ apps actually support mp3gain. Is that something universally supported?

Adding a gain value to ID3 tags would be useful and something Lexicon could do in the future. But re-encoding them with the gain (like PlatinumNotes does) is not something I would want to do.

I am not sure whether mp3 gain is universally supported. I happen to know that for Traktor and Serato there is support, and its so well integrated that I only noticed this (I had to grow into DJ’ing learning everything myself, which might be why) feature when I didn’t have it on my Prime 4 anymore. I read in threads on the Denon forum that there are other people requesting this support in Denon, but since Lexicon wants to be the answer to all other software lacking, I hoped you’d maybe offer this. And indeed, Platinum Notes does the exact same trick, with a premium algorithm. Also for a premium price, though.

Well if the Denon hardware doesn’t support mp3gain then there isn’t much use adding the gain values. So I don’t think Lexicon can fill that gap, unless it re-encodes but that will create other trouble (that PN also has but they just ignore it).

Hi Christiaan, I am a user of platinum notes as well and i am interested to know what other problem PN adds to my music files. In the beginning i noticed that sometimes the dj software struggles playing some of the files(with high CPU usage etc) , at other times , i felt like the music feels a bit shaky when using serato but less so in Rekordbox ( that is only when playing PN converted files ).

I don’t know that much about PN files. Only that they can shift cues.

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