LXC does not import EDJ root folder as playlist

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Lexicon version: 1.5.6
Operating system (remove one): Windows

Bug description:
I am trying demo 1.5.6 and…
When I import from Engine DJ a structure of this type:
Anniversary Music (SubFolder of Anniversary main folder)
–Doubtful (Folder)

Engine DJ does create Anniversary Music as a playlist and includes Anniversary1.mp3 and Anniversary2.mp3 as tracks from that list, and also from the Dudosas subfolder, with Dudosa1.mp3 and Dudosa2.mp3, but when I import into LXC, it only creates Dudosas as a playlist and includes Dudosa1 and Dudosa2, but the parent playlist “Anniversary Music” ignores it.

All tracks appear in the total track list, but those included in the parent folder appear without being associated with a playlist with the same name.

This didn’t happen before.

Step by step to reproduce:


Anniversary Music is a folder and is imported as folder in Lexicon so if it contains any tracks, those tracks are lost there. Engine supports tracks directly in a folder but Lexicon does not

Doubtful is also a fólder. Excuse me, but I don’t understand the reason for this limitation. LXC is getting worse in some ways since I tried versions before 1.0.

If lexicon tries to be a mirror of those applications with which it tries to integrate, I don’t understand why it doesn’t treat the parent folder as a playlist with its tracks.

A subfolder is still a folder and you are treating it as a playlist. If in both EDJ and the player I can see the content of the tracks in the mother folder, when I import, why shouldn’t LXC respect this same treatment? I don’t understand, sorry. Versions before 1.0 did that. Why not now?

For example, if I have already created it like isaid in EDJ, I export to Traktor for better analysis, import again to LXC to then synchronize with EDJ, I lose tracks along the way.

Lexicon does not try to mirror every DJ app, but it tries to find the middle ground between them. Engine has chosen to allow tracks in folders, and Serato allows it too. The other DJ apps do not.

But the real reason that tracks inside folders are not supported is because it is simply a bad idea, it promotes bad organization of your library.

If you add your Dudosa1.mp3 to your Annivesary folder and also the Doubtful folder. How can you tell in which folder it is? If you click the Annversary folder, it will show Dudosa1. Now delete the track from Anniversary. It will still show Dudosa1 because a subfolder has it, but which? You can’t tell and you have to check all subfolders for it.
This is a bad practice and should not exist. So it’s better to not do it at all and I would recommend going for a different workflow there.

Thank you. I’ll consider changing my workflow, although it seems I’ve had a broken library system for years.

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