LXC sync to EDJ USB results in duplicates within main collection

Steps to reproduce

  • start with a blank USB
  • within EDJ sync 1 playlist with 2 tracks to USB - works as expected
  • within LXC sync same playlist to USB (not PC) - duplicate files appear

As a result of this, EDJ then behaves oddly. It now shows both tracks duplicated within the same playlist in the main collection window. If you show the folder path you can see its pointing to the track once on the PC and once on the USB. This is not expected behaviour as normally EDJ’s main collection window only shows tracks from the PC, not the USB.

If I replicate this more widely across multiple playlists the whole thing becomes a real mess

Am I missing something about syncing direct to USB? I can’t see a use case where it results in useful behaviour? It seems to only work as expected when syncing to the PC

Syncing to a USB is intended to plug that USB into your Denon hardware. Otherwise, you should always sync to the desktop application.

yeah, I get that, but it appears to have an unintended side effect whereby using EDJ after doing this results in it showing duplicate tracks within the main collection. Somehow EDJ changes the way it displays tracks after doing this. you can replicate by following the above steps and then going into EDJ

I don’t know how to fix that at the moment, not really a priority right now. Since the target drive option is intended for Denon hardware with Lexicon combination, you don’t really need to use it in combination with Engine DJ desktop either.

Hi, Has there been any resolution with this. I mistakenly synced from LXC to a drive instead of the desktop app and I’m getting the same issue. Everytime I sync I must erase the drive and start a new sync. What’s weird is I thought Chrisitiaan said with Engine you sync direct to a drive from LXC for use on Denon hardware.

I’m sorry, no progress there yet. It’s high on the list after the mobile app is ready for testing.

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