M4a not saving to some fields

Hi @Christiaan

I am on macos and i am having some issues with m4a files (files from apple itunes store) not having some fields updated

so far i have noticed

  1. album art (this is empty in lexicon )
  2. label field - i use this for ALL TAGS, it gets populated in lexicon but empty when i bounce the track to serato

any ideas

Do you mean that it does not load the album art in Lexicon?

Label field: do you have a field mapping set up for that when you sync to Serato? Or did you use the Tag Writer?

No it does not pull album art from the internet for m4a files

I use tag writer. “Write to tags “

I check in Lexicon with reload tags prior to adding the files to serato. When I load the file in Serato I only see the tags written to comments for the m4a. Label field is empty.

Can you upload a few of those m4as so I can test them? http://upload.lexicondj.com


I just uploaded 3 files - m4a, alac (m4a) and aiff

repro steps


map lexicon to write user tags to LABEL and COMMENT field

  • In Lexicon

  • Right Click > Use > Write to Tags

  • Reload tags to check your work

  • Exit Lexicon

  • Load file in Serato (Directly, not export)

Label Field is empty

Remixer field is also affected


Try to do a ALBUM ART search for the m4a

Nothing shows up

I’ll check those files, thanks

Issues should be fixed in the next update, please let me know if it all works

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