MacBook Air M1 8 gig of ram

Hi guys new to Lexicon.

Got a MacBook Air M1 with 8 gig of ram.

Why does Lexicon take up so much resources on this.

Machine thermal throttles like mad.

Is this normal. Engine DJ rattles through analysing and does not thermal throttle.



Are you analyzing your tracks? If you analyse for Key, it will take a lot of memory. That still needs to be improved.

Hi Christiaan,

It is the same when generating cue points.

My MacBook Air M1 slices through most things in life. Seems to thermal throttle on lexicon as it is not optimised for M1.

Key analysis is simply not yet optimized, that’s on me, I don’t really have the time yet.
The cue point generator is very CPU heavy because of the calculations it is doing. It is completely different from a normal analysis like RB is doing. It uses machine learning on your tracks to get better results which is why it is heavy.