Make sort criteria specific per-playlist

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Currently the sort by category persists if you switch playlists. Feature request is to make this option configurable where the sort criteria is save per playlist. This way, different playlists can have different criteria, which is useful for building a setlist.

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Suppose you are building a setlist with a specific order, pulling from other crates you’ve already made. You want to sort the other crates by specific criteria (BPM, Key, etc). However you’d like to keep the setlist in the predefined order.

Currently this requires changing the sort back and forth as you navigate across playlists, adding additional steps to the workflow.

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Beatport Pro

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Clicking sort / unsort as needed when flipping between playlists.

This will be possible in the next beta, you can right click a playlist and overwrite the internal sort order. What that means is it will take the current order and make that the order in the database. So if you unsort the playlist (no arrow in the column header), that is the order you will see.

Awesome! Glad to hear it : )